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Main »» War2Combat Guide

Table of Contents

What is War2Combat?
War2Combat is a program created by War2.ru Team for users from all around the world to play on Warcraft 2 for free without a CD or a CD Key. To download it go to the downloads section of the website. You can use this program to play online multiplayer games with lots of other people from around the world. There is no spyware and no ads, it is completely free with no strings attached!
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Where can I find a strategy guide?

One of the best War2 existing strategy pages left out there is at http://war2.warcraft.org It is a great site made by Axolotl and will help you out with some of the basic strategies.

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What is Ladder?

The on-site ladder, http://ladder.war2.ru hosts a ladder that counts any game between two people, and boasts a superior ranking system. A customizable team ladder is also available.

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Recording and Viewing replays?

There are two different kinds of replay viewers. Warvideo and Insight. Both can be found in the downloads section of this website.

Insight is better for learning other peoples strategys as you can view what the other player did.

Warvideo is good for Tournaments it's first person recording of yourself proving your not hacking.

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How to take screenshots and where to upload?

When in a game and someone pauses and says "ss" or "screen shot" you are required to take it and upload it. This is to prevent hacking on the server. To do this hit the Print Scrn button on your keyboard.

Upload your screenshots here: http://war2.crystaldawn.net/upload_war2_ss

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How do I watch a Warcraft 2 Game?

When other people are playing a game in melee settings and you are watching the game, you pick the human race. What you want to do is allie all of the other players but do not share vision, and move to a location that is out of the way of the game. Be sure not to build. When you are the one playing and you have people watching your game, be sure to share vision with all of the watchers.

Also a nice utility for watching games is War2Observe created by xslider. It can be found in our downloads section.

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GoW is short for Garden of War. It is the most played map on Warcraft 2. There are two versions. GoW Classic which is usually hosted on the Even Faster speed and High Resources. Then there is the Ladder version of GoW which players host on Fastest Speed. GoW is a map that you must learn.
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How can I be banned?

Certain things we will not tolerate on this server. Abuse of our Ladder system and Hacking will result in a automatic ban from the server. If you are a user who is accusing somebody of hacking we need actual proof of the hacking by screen shots showing it and /whois (username). 

Sharing accounts is considered abuse on our ladder system. It will get your accounts reset and possible get you banned.

If you ever become to much of a problem to Users and Staff members we may decide to kick you off of the server, or at least Lock your Account. We want a user friendly enviroment to all new members. Yes we understand there will always be smack talking on this game, just be sure not to take it to far.

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Why play on server.war2.ru over battle.net?

Battle.net no longer supports Warcraft II, there is no control over hacking and abuse. On server.war2.ru we have a team of admins who care about the community and do not tolerate hackers.

While battle.net servers continue to lose players while we continue to grow because of our War2Combat download that does not require a cd or cd key. We are able to provide a place to play for everyone who has lost their disc or cd key because the game is no longer sold.

Server.war2.ru has a better ladder system at war2.crystaldawn.net that automatically records all 1vs1 games and ranks players fairly instead of giving points.

Server.war2.ru makes it available to have characters in your name (~ ! @ $ ^ ) that are no longer available on battle.net.

Server.war2.ru hosts big tournaments for its players.

We care about the community and it's players and will continue to do all we can to make sure you can play the game for years to come.

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How to connect using gateway editor?
Step one:

You need to download a gateway editor: download now! Extract it from the zip package and run it.
You will see something like this:

You probably have only 4 gateways on the list:
-U.S West
-U.S East

Step two:

Now we must add ru to the gateway list, we do this
by rightclicking on one of the gateways:

After u created a new empty entry
It will be shown at the bottom of the list
Click on it:

Now we can start fill in the fields
Name : anything you want for example "ru server"
Address : type "server.war2.ru" here (without the quotation marks ofcourse)
Timezone : any number for example "6"(without the quotation)
So it will look like this:

The final step:

We have all set. The last thing to do is
right click and 'save servers'

Now we can close the editor, run w2 and connect to the server!.
All kinds of players there(Classic gow players, Custom players(chop and many more).


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How can I get the big announcements?
You can be informed about the big tournaments and news by being added to the official emailing list. We have thousands of players from the past and present already a part of the list. Just email me at tnarick1@yahoo.com with the subject War2Combat and just tell me you want on the list. If you have AOL or MSN messanger also send it.
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Can I help?
Your help would be much appreciated! The more places we can get our website linked the better. Do all you can daily to try & get more people onto the server. Use messanger services, chat rooms, message forums, people you know in real life, & tell them about our server. You can also help us out by creating graphic banners which have our website address on them. If you can be a banner creator then email me at tnarick1@yahoo.com
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You can become a affiliate with http://server.war2.ru ! All you have to do is add our website link somewhere easy to find on your website or message board. Then we will add you to our links section of the website.
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How to fix Windows 7 color problem?
Try downloading the Color Fix by naproxen, hosted in the download section.

Or, to fix it yourself, see the solutions posted at http://war2.warcraft.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=18566 .
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War2 Freezing with Windows?
1. Download this program: http://www.nynaeve.net/?p=52
2. unzip the files to a folder.
3. Launch Dxwnd.exe
4. Select Starcraft/Diablo I/Warcraft II
5. Click the "Create Shortcut" button.
6. Browse out to your warcraft II folder and select Warcraft II BNE.exe
7. Enter a name for your shortcut. Ex: "War2Windowed" on your desktop.
8. Click save.
9. Click cancel to close dxwnd.
10. Run "War2Windowed" or whatever you named your shortcut.

It takes a little getting used to scrolling the map when in windowed mode. Because if you are like me, you just drag the mouse off the screen in the direction you want to scroll. But doing that in windowed mode pops the cursor outside of the war2 window and stops scrolling. So you either have to move the mouse to the edge of the window in the direction you want to scroll, or just use the arrow keys to scroll. There may be a way to force mouse input to stay in the war2 window, I'll have to play around with it.
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