Downloads offers a free Warcraft 2 Download (below) that’s just 13mb and requires no CD Key. Our server gateway is prepopulated so you all you have to do is install, run, & connect to our server to start playing online!

In addition to Warcraft 2, we also offer a variety of utilities, maps & replays of WC2 games to help improve your gaming experience.

Warcraft II

War2Combat EditionNewest version of War2Combat, updates by Lightbringer. Fixes colors in game for Win7, new install options.Click Here to Download
Version: 3.15File size: 13.75 MBOfficial Website
War2Combat Edition (Old Version)Warcraft 2 Combat Edition is for multiplayer War2 gaming. Play classic & custom Warcraft maps with people from all around the world using portal. Released by iLClick Here to Download
Version: 3.05File size: 12.67 MBOfficial Website
Warcraft II Battle.Net Edition 2.0 (Nostalgic)This release is used for playing versus the computer. Intro, music, and all campaigns present. You cannot play on servers; you need Combat Edition for playing on server.war2.ruClick Here to Download
Version: 2.0File size: 57.22 MBN/A
WargusClone Warcraft II powered by the Statagus engine, able to run on Linux; requires a copy of the original (DOS) version of WC2 to use. Very nice :)Click Here to Download
Version: 2.1File size: 15.55 MBOfficial Website
Warcraft II MusicThe Warcraft 2 soundtrack in Midi format.Click Here to Download
Version: N/AFile size: 125.00 KBOfficial Website
Windows 7 Color FixSmall utility created to fix the Windows 7 color errors! Just place the .exe file in your War2 directory and run. (See included the readme file.) Program provided by Naproxen.Click Here to Download
Version: 1.0File size: 310.28 KBN/A
German War2 HotkeysDrop this file in your War2 directory to use traditional German full Warcraft II version hotkeys with War2 Combat. Created by JesKClick Here to Download
Version: N/AFile size: 12.11 MBN/A

Utilities Gateway EditorUse this program for adding new server to Gateways/servers list – our server is No installation necessary (unzip & run).Click Here to Download
Version: 3.0.1File size: 213.6 KBN/A
Gateway Registry FileThis is a small .reg file which will automatically import into the Warcraft II Gateway list. Simply download, run, and click “Yes” when prompted. The next time you start WC2, you will be all set!Click Here to Download
Version: N/AFile size: 1.25 KBN/A
War2AgentSmall utility for monitoring this server from the system tray, including logged in users and active games. No installation necessary (unzip & run).Click Here to Download
Version: 1.0File size: 326.17 KBN/A
War2ObserveThis program is meant to be an imitation of Warcraft 3’s feature for observers. It allows you, a watcher of the game, to see what the players are doing as well as seeing their resource statistics as your own. This is not a hack, and should not complement hacks of any kinds. Only works when run prior to starting a game, and if you build no structures.Click Here to Download
Version: 2.0File size: 71.5 KBN/A
War2Combat Map EditorWar2 map editor. One click install. Installs to C:\Program Files\War2CombatMapEditor. Updated by ~iL. Previous version by zzzKOTzzz.Click Here to Download
Version: 2.0File size: 3.6 MBN/A
Classic Map EditorThe classic map editor. Realized by zzzKOTzzz in 2005.Click Here to Download
Version: 1.04File size: 11.36 MBN/A
Pud BrowserPUD Browser has been developed to fill a gap left by the Warcraft II editors by displaying PUD maps at approximately full screen size so they can be used as a tactical guide for multi-player game play and quickly browsed for evaluation.Click Here to Download
Version: 1.1File size: 193.31 KBOfficial Website
War2BNE InsightRecord & replay program. You can use this to watch how other players build, a great way to learn about other people’s strategies. Latest version – previous versions can be downloaded on the official website. No installation necessary (unzip & run).Click Here to Download
Version: 1.05 RC1File size: 10.2 MBOfficial Website
WarvideoUsed to recording and replay games from a first person point of view. Warvideo is required in some big Tournaments so it is a nice program to figure out. No installation necessary (unzip & run).Click Here to Download
Version: 1.0File size: 32.12 KBOfficial Website

Map Packs

Classic MapsAll the default maps from Warcraft II Edition.Click Here to Download
File size: 2.02 MBNumber of maps: 153N/A
Custom MapsA big collection of custom maps organized by genre/style. Also includes the classic WC2 maps that come packaged with the game.Click Here to Download
File size: 2.54 MBNumber of maps: 208N/A
KPudsThe KPUDs (for Kali and Kahn PUD’s) are a set of ‘standard’ PUD files to be used in multi-player games for Internet play. Their purpose is to extend the set of available PUD’s for online Warcraft II players and make that set available for free to everyone.Click Here to Download
File size: 1.31 MBNumber of maps: 74Official Website
Realm PudsA collection of Warcraft II Maps for v1.3x or higher. Last Updated 9/10/1999Click Here to Download
File size: 566.97 KBNumber of maps: 45Official Website


Festival IIReplays from the biggest Tournament of the year including the finals with YWFN vs. Wargasm.Click Here to Download
File size: 4.64 MBNumber of replays: 9
GoW 2v2 Tourney Finals (2007-04-14)Genocide & KGBAgent58 take on Rat & Tabac[MaN] representing Sweden in the finals of a 32 man tournament.Click Here to Download
File size: 247.92 KBNumber of replays: 3
Replay Pack 1Warcraft II Replay Pack 1, including replays of Nerzy, Ash, Valk, KHB, Scrub, Kith, Yahmon and much much more.Click Here to Download
File size: 2.15 MBNumber of replays: 27
Replay Pack 2Includes top players Viruz, YWFN, Foonat, KGBAgent58, Ash, Tyrus, Lux, Darksol, Proph. Tournament Finals are included.Click Here to Download
File size: 646.18 KBNumber of replays: 13
Braviet vs. Poscow (2010)Check out this thrilling 4v5 war, the final in a three game series from the War2 anniversary bash. Tournament semifinals, game three.Click Here to Download
File size: 84.94 KBNumber of replays: 1
Valkyrie vs. KanuksReplay of Valkrie vs. KanuksClick Here to Download
File size: 111.09 KBNumber of replays: 1