• Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness

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    Welcome to server.war2.ru, the most popular Warcraft II online multiplayer server in the world! Here you can download our free custom WCII client and learn how to play online.
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  • Warcraft II Festival VI - Coming July 2014!

    Warcraft II Festival VI - July 2014

    Our annual WC2 festival tournament (with a $2000 cash prize!) is in the works for this coming July. Tell your friends and log on to the server to start practicing!
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  • Fixing Warcraft II Hosting Problems

    Hosting Problems?

    If other players are unable to join the games you create then you probably need to forward your ports. Watch our quick four minute video to find out how.
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Warcraft II Dragon Sprite - News

News & Announcements

Website Upgrade Forthcoming

New server.war2.ru website

The all-new server.war2.ru website should be coming online within the next week or so. I’ll try to keep the transition as seamless as possible, but if you visit the site at some point and it’s offline or there’s a “Down for Maintenance” message, don’t fret! It’s only temporary.

Exciting times these are!

Update: Turns out there’s a surprising amount of content to migrate from the old site, and I’ve been randomly swamped with work for the past week. However, faithful WC2 community, I’ll do my damnedest to make this happen by the end of the week. c: